Loopia Network: Social Economy Platform


Using Loop, people will be able to send payments directly to anyone anywhere in the world without high transaction fees or long waiting times, the user can easily send through the network or just over the chat.


Payment Providers will be able to integrate our solution and accept payments easily, people will be able to pay through their social network quickly by their mobile or by sending the store Loop over the social network, both really easy and instant!.


People get rewarded for their social interactions, here you earn Active points and they give your super-like strenght and with that strenght you can "boost" other posts but only a few everyday before the super-likes get saturated so the system can't be abused, this will allow all of the social users to be able to for example support their favorite content creators and superliking their posts to give them a chance at a bigger share of the monthly reward pool.

Loopia Network Private sale round

Loopia Network's Loop (LPN) is a token built with smart contracts powering the economy of loopia network with a fixed supply, the private sale will end in:







Limited supply: after private sale ends, Loop will only be available through the public sale, on exchanges or earning it on Loopia network
WHY Loopia Network

Together, We’re Modernizing Global Payments And Taking Social Networking To The Next Level

Social networks are the perfect solution to mass adoption of cryptocurrency, and we want to protect the privacy of our users and allow all our users to earn with us, and we don't want borders to be a hassle when getting paid for your time.

Today the world sends more than $155 trillion* across borders. Yet, the underlying infrastructure is dated and flawed. Social networks are grossing 32.8B USD per year in revenue from their users and what the user views, we just find it's unfair that the users get nothing for being this "data," we look at everyone as a valuable partner and not only data, If someone should be profiting, it's you for all the time you spend for free on social networks .

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Latest Loopia News

Project Roadmap

The roadmap focuses on the development of the technology, operations infrastructure, new partnerships, and marketing initiatives.

March 2019

Project Concept

The project's idea is starting to take form and getting put down.

May 2019

Platform Launch

Loopia Network platform is launched first under the name of cryptofriends but then re-branded to Loopia network and launches in June.

June 2019

People getting involved

We hit the milestone of 1000 users 2 weeks after the platform launches

July 2019

Many Developement advances

Whitepaper released, Platform bugs fixed and updated, Mobile apps almost ready to go, Finalization of idealogy, private sale starting, Project website loopianetwork.com launches.

August 2019

Private sale ongoing

The private sale will be ongoing.

The Future

Private sale ends, Public sale takes place 70% sold total, Migration of most of the back-end functions over to the blockchain, more will come

Founder & CEO


Kristinn Spence


Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about Loopia Network?

What is Loopia Network Crypto Currency?

Loopia network's cryptocurrency called LOOP or LPN is a cryptocurrency created on the blockchain and using smart contracts to make all of the back-end functions of the ecosystem on loopia.network work like it should be and so that it will be incorruptable, it can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges and used to buy things on the marketplace on the platform and many more things.

Do you have any bulk discounts?

We do have bulk discounts while we are having the private sale and we are always happy to have a chat with anyone that is interested in buying in bulk and find good ground for both us and the buyer.

When will your Public Sale start?

We don't have a fixed date right now on when we will launch our IEO in Q4.

Why loopia over other social networks?

If you look closer at what we are trying to build and accomplish you can see that we are making something that is quite far away from all the other social networks that are existing right now, we are creating something more than just a simple social network. This will be everything in one place, and you will be a part of the ecosystem without having to change your habits, this will make the transition very smooth and mass adoption much more natural. This will also make sure that people who value privacy and respect your data will be developing the platform with you in mind and not anything else, people are leaving in droves to other social networks from the larger ones. And that is a proven fact, people are lacking the motivation and don't like the fact that often their privacy is not being guarded. We are going to make social networking worthwhile again!.